1 to 51 Agents in 111 Days

My guest is Diana Johnson the Broker / Owner of Realty ONE Group Coastal in Summerville, South Carolina. Diana shares her story how she went from 1 to 51 agents in 111 days, that’s right, 51 agents in her first 111 days.

1 to 51 Real Estate Agents in 111 Days

Robb: Hi Diana, thank you so much for joining me today. I know you’ve been very busy and I appreciate you taking the time out to share your story.

Diana: Thank you, Robb.

Robb: So Diana, where are you located? I’m curious, because I’ve never been to South Carolina, so I’m not familiar with the area. You’re in Somerville, is that right?

Diana: We are in Somerville, South Carolina. It’s right outside of the Charleston area, and that encompasses Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties.

Robb: So it’s three or four counties, is that correct?
Diana: We cover three counties.
Robb: Three counties, okay. So Somerville is like a suburb of Charleston?
Diana: I think you could say that.
Robb: Okay, very good. And are you on one MLS system?
Diana: We are on one MLS.
Robb: How many agents are in that MLS?
Diana: Oh goodness. Probably 8,000.
Robb: 8,000 agents?
Diana: We have agents graduating from school constantly, so it’s growing by the day.
Robb: Ah, very good. Now tell me a little bit about yourself. What did you do before real estate?

Diana: Before real estate, I was with MUSC, and I helped form the compliance committee, which came about during the Clinton Administration. And then I was a compliance coordinator for several of the departments down at MUSC.

Robb: What is MUSC?
Diana: Medical University of South Carolina, I’m sorry.

Robb: Oh, okay.
Diana: It’s the medical university in downtown Charleston. Robb: Now, after doing that, why did you get into real estate?

Diana: Well, I actually got in very naïvely. I had twins, and I decided that I wanted to work from home and just do a little bit of real estate on the side. But immediately, I was working more than I had previously worked, and ended up being the rookie of the year for my company.

Robb: Rookie of the year, that’s terrific. How long ago was that? Diana: That would’ve been in 2005.
Robb: 2005. What is that, 13 years?
Diana: Yeah, 13 or 14 years.

Robb: Did you work for a traditional legacy-type company with the typical commission splits? (more…)

March 21, 2018

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80 Days After Opening a Real Estate Brokerage

I interview Barry Aldridge who is the Broker / Owner of Realty ONE Group Select in Mooresville, NC. Barry opened his office 80 days ago, and we talk about the thought process of opening a real estate office, and how it has grown over the last 80 days.

R: Alright, Facebook Live, 1 o’clock, all things real estate brokerage.

R: So we’ve got a great interview with Barry Aldridge, and he is the owner and broker of Realty ONE Group Select in North Carolina. It’s only 80 days since his office has been open. So this is kind of fun and interesting to learn. I’m excited about it, because I want to hear about his thought process of why he wanted to start an office, and how we went about doing that, and also what the last 80 days have been like. So we’re going to get started here. I really appreciate you joining me. If you’re not able to watch all the interview, I’ll have it here. You can watch the replay or catch parts that you want to catch. Go ahead and make any comments on this post if you watch it live or afterwards, and then Barry or myself will answer them. And you’re more than welcome to reach out to me or Barry. So let’s get the show going for you here as I get it all up and operational.

R: Barry, thanks for joining me today.

B: Thanks for having me, Robb.

R: I really appreciate it. Hey, where are you at right now? I love that ONE in the background.

B: Well, I’m actually in my office. I’m actually sitting where agents or clients would sit in my office, and this is one of our feature walls behind me, that was given to me by my wife when we did our sign stuff, she surprised me with a nice little bonus. It was kind of nice.

R: Well it looks really, really sharp. And is that tile behind the ONE? What is that?

B: No, that’s actually a faux reclaimed wood.

R: Ooh, nice.

B: Yeah, and we have one similar to it in our entrance. It’s kind of one of our features that we bring a level of sophistication, but kind of design element that really attracts the brand, of course.

R: Oh, it’s sharp, it’s sharp. So Barry, tell me a little bit about this. I know you opened your brokerage just 80 days ago, but what did you do before real estate? Or have you always been in real estate?

B: No, I’ve been in real estate awhile. Prior to real estate, I was actually in the nursery and tree business. We grew Christmas trees in the mountains of North Carolina, and that evolved into a wholesale tree business, and we ship to about 25 different states across the country. Did that for about 21 years.

R: Wow, 21 years.

B: Yeah.

R: And then how did you get into real estate?

B: Well, real estate was kind of a natural progression for me. My mother was a very successful—probably one of the most successful—agents in our area at the time. I grew up in the real estate business, going on listing appointments, and showing houses with my mom when I was little, and it just seemed like I knew real estate from the very beginning. I kind of rebelled against real estate for awhile, and like I said, went down a different path and grew this one business. When we sold that business, I looked to move back into North Carolina and my mom and stepfather, who owned a brokerage at that time, asked me if I wanted to come on board, and I had already been licensed, so I said, sure, let me try it. And, I don’t know, the rest is kind of history. I realized that I probably should’ve been doing it a long time ago. I love real estate.

R: Oh, that’s terrific. What year was that when you started real estate?

B: 2003. So I’m almost at the 15 year mark in real estate now.

R: 15 year mark. Now, you were selling with your mom, perhaps her brokerage. Were those 15 years all with her, or was it some other companies?

B: No, I was only there a couple of years, then I branched out on my own and I experimented with a lot of different companies. Of course, I went the Remax route, I went with Keller Williams, I went with a couple boutique companies—independent, smaller companies—and for just a short period of time, I had a small agency that was just myself and one other person.


March 20, 2018

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